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Islington Village Animal Hospital

Puppy Sitting Outside on a Bench

New Veterinary Patients

We Love New Patients!

We understand that meeting a new veterinarian can cause your pet to feel anxious or even scared. That's why we have a very special program just for new patients that will help them come to understand that we're there to help them.

Client with Dog Talking to Receptionist at Islington Village Animal Hospital

Here's a quick checklist of things for your first visit:

  1. Medical history and/or documents from previous vet visits including any current prescription containers;

  2. Please stop feeding your pet about 4 hours before your appointment as we use "treats" to help your pet have a positive experience; and

  3. A favorite toy or blanket that will help them relax.

We ask that you arrive about 5 minutes before your appointment to review your pet's history with our care staff.

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